Talk Like a Pirate Day: It's ARRR Not ARRRGH, Whether You're Unsinkable, Looking for a Pirate Guide for First Graders, or Just Two Pirate Brothers Meeting a Mermaid...

That's right--it's "Arrrrrrrr!" on Talk Like a Pirate Day, not "Argggggh!" If you've been saying "Arggggh!" all of these years, it's more likely you've been prepping to watch Lucy pull the football away from Charlie Brown. For more tips and information, assuming you like pirates and don't despise them for their vile crimes against humanity, you should probably check out the Talk Like a Pirate official site. (They also have a book out.)

As you can see from this map I've pirated off of that site, not only is Antarctica bigger than the other continents and about to devour us all, but Talk Like a Pirate Day parties are rapidly becoming an international phenomenon.

    Talk Lika Piraty
And here's some booty I've pirated this year to help myself and others better understand Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you're new not just to pirates but life, you could do worse than pick up A Pirate's Guide to First Grade. (If you're reading this and in the first grade, please get off the intertubes right now and go raid a treehouse or something. No, wait. Raid a groundhouse. Climbing into a treehouse could be dangerous, and you're not really a pirate...yet.)


According to Pirates Weekly, I mean Publishers Weekly, "this story follows a boy and his entourage of ethereal salty dogs through the first day of school. “Me great scurvy dog slurped me kisser when I was tryin' t' get me winks!” The protagonist's fruitful imagination turns ordinary routine into a high-seas adventure complete with a small, skirted buccaneer walking the plank during recess. In the end, where does X mark the spot? Treasure abounds in the library, with the chance to experience the adventure of the written word. The illustrations have a vintage feel, complete with boisterous grog-drinking, scabbard-waving, and bubble-pipe-smoking pirates."

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