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Traveling "The Jedi Path" with Author Daniel Wallace

“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.”

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi fed an eager Luke Skywalker just enough cryptic details of the Jedi to pique the young moisture farmer's interest, and the fans followed suit. Who were these hooded beings who stood for peace yet were trained in advanced combat and wielded lightsabers? Questions like this, along with state-of-art special effects, memorable heroes and villains, and all of the spaceships a seven-year-old could want have kept the Star Wars films alive and sporadically in theaters for decades. (Rumor has it that George Lucas is prepping them all for a 3D release in 2012.) But now the time has come to shed light on the enigmatic Jedi in The Jedi Path.

In ancient times…students of the Force possessed a most valuable book, passed from Master to Padawan. After the destruction of the Jedi temple, only one copy survived. It is now passed on to you.

With the push of a button, the Jedi vault literally opens for fans, and within these pages lie plenty of answers and in-continuity details. For this week’s release of The Jedi Path, author Daniel Wallace offered fans insight into the making of the book with these exclusive behind-the-scenes details.


p. 52: Padawan braids are an iconic part of Jedi lore, and there's even one in this book as a removable souvenir (it's Qui-Gon's). But what if you're a member of a species that doesn't grow hair? Several alternatives are laid out here including the silka beads worn by Togrutas such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Ahsoka Tano. Other examples? Metal circlets placed on the horns of Iktotchi, facial tattoos borne by Sluissi, and medallions implanted into the flesh of Swokes Swokes (which ties into the background I created for the Swokes Swokes species in the book Star Wars: Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds).

Training to be a Jedi is a strict practice, and not all who study can pass the test--sometimes to disastrous results:

p. 50: This is the "Working With Your Master" section, and if it can be boiled down to one word, it's this: obey. In my view the Jedi operate under the principle of listening to one's elders. This makes sense from the point of view of a military/religious hierarchy. But Anakin doesn't think it makes sense, and bad things happened when Anakin's rebelliousness met the Jedi Order's inflexibility.

But it’s not all about academics and servitude. Fan-favorite Jedi Masters are given room for personal (and quirky) details:

p. 137: Yoda's comment about mounted combat reveals that he's on his thirty-third kybuck -- the goatlike creature he rides in the Clone Wars animated shorts. Yoda is centuries old, and perhaps kybucks don't live that long, but 33 seems like a lot! I was thinking that perhaps Yoda could be like that family everybody seems to know, the one that buys a new Irish Setter every ten years.

You want lightsabers? The Jedi Path has lightsabers!


p. 66: Many lightsaber combat styles get covered here. Form II is basically fencing; it's Count Dooku's style. Form III is defensive only and is good for deflecting blaster bolts. Form IV is Yoda's acrobatic style from Attack of the Clones. Form V, which emphasizes brute strength, is Vader's style. And Form VI is the less-demanding "diplomat's form." The advantage of this last one is that if there's a movie extra in the background of a crowd scene who doesn't look like he knows how to hold a lightsaber, it's okay -- you can assign that Jedi to Form VI.

Yet there are still unanswered questions--this is Star Wars, after all--and Wallace highlights a particularly mysterious section:

p. 13 is where you'll find the ripped-out pages that, according to the Table of Contents, would have revealed the Prophecy of the Chosen One. When we started planning The Jedi Path we knew we wanted ripped or burned pages to emphasize the fact that this was a well-worn copy. What we didn't anticipate was how frustrated readers would get at being tantalized with a bit of Star Wars lore and having it taken away from them! I've had dozens of fans ask me for the missing text, which in fact does exist. Because a tattered fragment of the ripped pages remains, we needed to have some text on that fragment without plugging in "lorem ipsum" dummy text. So I wrote an essay about the Prophecy of the Chosen One knowing that it was destined for the cutting-room floor. Fairly late in the game, we also added a removable note tucked in next to the ripped pages. Written by Luke Skywalker, the note speculates on who might have removed the pages but mostly serves as a reassurance for purchasers of The Jedi Path who might otherwise conclude that somebody vandalized their copy.

Big thanks to Daniel Wallace for the insider’s look. There’s much more on the book’s page, including a trailer for the book produced by Lucasfilm. To quote Qui-Gon Jinn: “Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it’s a hard life.” For the first time, Star Wars fans can test their own mettle and see where The Jedi Path leads them.


P.S. For more on The Jedi Path, including Daniel Wallace's photos of fans with the book at Comic-Con, click here.


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Star Wars sans aucun doute a été une série de film qui a presque toutes les personnes intéressées. Tous les films à cet égard étaient un énorme succès et ne fera qu'ajouter à la renommée et celui-ci sans aucun doute a déjà gagné beaucoup de cœurs et est toujours de capturer plus après avoir lu l'histoire avec le flux.

Star Wars without a doubt has been a movie series that has almost everyone interested. All the movies on this were a huge hit and will just add to the fame and this one without a doubt has already won many hearts and is still to capture more after they read the story along with the flow.

Hell of a Religion. Who died for it though? I don't see Vader around? It's bound to be a Religion that we can laugh about. Now that's a rare Religion.

Since Jedi polls as the 4th most popular religion in Great Britain (behind the Western Big 3), I predict that this book will be a best- seller in England......

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