Dalkey Archive Press: Dying and Joking About It, Followed by Elegant Sleeping, with René Belletto, Momus, and a Viscount

On the heels of the welcome news from AmazonCrossing earlier this week, it makes sense to also put the spotlight on Dalkey Archive Press, which has been doing a stellar job of making available primarily brilliant European, Latin American, and Japanese fiction in translation. It's hard to pin down Dalkey's focus, but if I had to try I'd say they don't shy away from philosophically complex works, from existentialism, from absurdity, from surrealism. Sometimes they'll publish some out-and-out fabulism and decadence as well. In other words, these are works of incredible ambition, some serious and some funny, but all of them thought-provoking. Many of these novels would not otherwise reach an English-reading audience.

I've covered some titles for Omni before, but a few have gotten overlooked. For this reason, I'm happy that Larry Nolen at his Of Blog, has begun to cover quite a few Dalkey titles. Nolen's contributed to Omni in the past, including advance reviews of books first published in Spanish (Nolen reads fluently in Spanish).

Recently, Nolen covered the recently released Dying by René Belletto and Elegance While Sleeping by Viscount Lascano Tegui, as well as an overlooked title from last year, The Book of Jokes by Momus--all three definitely on my to-read pile. Here, meanwhile, are excerpts from Nolen's reviews that make me even more eager to pick them up.

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No joke. The Dalkey Archive boasts an exquisite roster. Ambitious doesn't begin to cover it. Who could not love an imprint that brought so much of Stanley Elkin's fiction back into print? Related but secondary kudos to Open Road who just brought Elkin's books to Kindle: http://www.kindlepost.com/2010/10/stanley-elkin-ebooks-kindle.html.

Viva Dalkey!

Posted by: Jason Kirk | Thursday November 4, 2010 at 1:05 AM

One of my favorite books discovered this year is Rikki Ducornet's collection, "The Complete Butcher's Tales". I know I plan to delve very deep into the Dalkey Archive catalog at earliest opportunity.

Posted by: J M McDermott | Wednesday November 3, 2010 at 9:47 AM

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