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More Bests: Publishers Weekly's Top 10

PW_Cover-patti-smith Is this going to be the year of the consensus? A day after we noted how many books our Best of 2010 list shared with Library Journal's top picks, out comes Publishers Weekly's top 10 with six books that were in our top 10 too. (Two of their other picks, A Visit from the Goon Squad and The Lonely Polygamist, are also in our top 100.) Meanwhile, if we had known that putting her book in your top 10 could help you get Patti Smith in for a photo shoot, we woulda asked!

I think they'll announce their full 100 on Monday, though they've been blogging about many of their favorites in the meantime, and then we can do more comparisons, but for now, here is their 10 (in alphabetical order by author):

The one place where the consensus is not holding? The National Book Award nominees--of their five nominees each for Fiction and Nonfiction, only one, Just Kids, is on any of these three early top 10s.

We'll be tracking more Best ofs as they come in, but, as always, the best one-stop shop is Largehearted Boy, once again risking repetitive stress injuries from all the linking. --Tom



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