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Thrilling Wonder Stories 2: In Which Omnivoracious Goes to London

Your faithful Omnivoracious correspondent, through luck or living right, has been asked to participate in the Thrilling Wonder Stories 2 conference (London, AA School of Architecture, this Friday). In addition to co-organizer Geoff Manaugh, whose BLDGBLOG book we have featured on Omnivoracious, attendees include novelist Will Self, Wasteland creator Antony Johnston, Freakangels writer/artist Paul Duffield, and many more.

My own presentation is entitled "Finch: The Story of a Novel as the Narrative of Historical Consequences, an Occupied City, and a Failed State." Sounds wondrous, doesn't it? Sounds kind of...thrilling? Well, at the very least, it fits the brief of telling a story.

Next week, I'll come back to Omnivoracious bearing the gift of thrilling wonder stories about Thrilling Wonder Stories 2. In the meantime, check out the full line-up...

     Bldgblog-book Finch-jeff-vandermeer
(The BLDG BLOG Book and Finch, together again.)

Organised by Liam Young
Thrilling Wonder Stories 2: Stranger than Truth
Date: 26.11.2010, Time: 12:00:00

Coordinated by Liam Young [Diploma 6/Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today] and Geoff Manaugh [BLDGBLOG]

We have always regaled ourselves with speculative stories of a day yet to come. In these polemic visions we furnish the fictional spaces of tomorrow with objects and ideas that at the same time chronicle the contradictions, inconsistencies, flaws and frailties of the everyday. Slipping suggestively between the real and the imagined they offer a distanced view from which to survey the consequences of various social, environmental and technological scenarios.

Thrilling Wonder Stories gathers an ensemble of mad scientists, literary astronauts, digital poets, speculative gamers, mavericks, visionaries and luminaries to spin stories of wondrous possibilities or dark cautionary tales.

Dunne and Raby [Design Provocateurs]; Gavin Rothery [Concept artist for the film Moon and Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto]; Paul Duffield [Artist and Author of Freakangels and Signal comics]

Antony Johnston [Author of the post-apocalyptic graphic novel series Wasteland and Daredevil comics] [Designers of the Ark, the war stricken floating refugee city from the game Brink]; Splash Damage; Johnny Hardstaff [Filmmaker and designer for Ridley Scott Associates]

Will Self [Author of The Book of Dave, Psychogeography and Walking Through Hollywood]; Geoff Manaugh + Nicola Twilley [Founders of BLDGBLOG, Edible Geography and Future Plural]; Joep Van Lieshout [Founder of Atelier Van Lieshout and the speculative free state of AVL Ville]

BERG London [Technologists, Futurists and RFID magicians]; Rachel Armstrong [Biotechnology and Sci Fi Squishiness]; The Why Factory [Urban futures think tank]

Ant Farm [Architectural super group and counter-culture heroes]; Cedric Delsaux [Photographer of the Dark Lens series]; Jeff VanderMeer [Author of the fantasy novels City of Saints and Madmen and Finch]; SPOV [Motion graphics artists for Discovery channel’s Future Weapons and Project Earth]


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