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Infinity Plus: New Science Fiction/Fantasy Books for the Kindle

For years, Infinity Plus provided a source for high-quality, free science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories online, plus nonfiction and some novellas. You can still access their website and read hundreds of great stories. But now, too, they've launched a great new e-book series that's very reasonably priced. Their first releases are as eclectic as the short fiction on the website. If you're looking for something new to read, check out some of these books.


The Angels of Life and Death by Eric Brown -- From cyberpunk visions of post-human futures to traditional tales of alien encounter and time travel, ten science fiction stories from the two times winner of the British Fantasy Society short story award.

A Writer's Life by Eric Brown -- In a departure from his science fiction roots, Eric Brown has written a haunting novella that explores the essence of creativity, the secret of love, and the tragedy that lies at the heart of human existence.

Take No Prisoners by John Grant -- In the fifteen superbly literary stories of this, his first collection, Hugo- and World Fantasy Award-winning author John Grant goes to places other fantasy and SF writers have yet to find on the map. As a special bonus, this new e-edition of Take No Prisoners includes two novelettes from the author's Leaving Fortusa cycle: "The Hard Stuff" and "Q".

One More Unfortunate by Kaitlin Queen -- Relentlessly drawn back to a circle of old friends and enemies, Nick Redpath has all kinds of issues to deal with. But first he must prove that he didn't murder his old flame, Geraldine Wyse... Kaitlin Queen is the adult fiction pen-name of a best-selling children's author. This is her first crime novel.

And, finally, the collected fiction of critically acclaimed SF/F writer Keith Brooke, in five volumes:

Embrace -- Revisit the haunts of your youth, retell the story of your life, embrace your inner demons. Listen to the voices, go on...

Liberty Spin -- Multiple personalities fighting for control of a single body; a single personality constantly splitting and reinventing itself and its past; a Mars that never was; an interstellar war that has always been.

Faking It -- A brash entrepreneur buys a small company as a platform for his big ideas, and the General Genetics Corporation is born. GenGen has a vision for the future of humankind, and the company will stop at nothing to get its own way.

Memesis  -- A world where islands of rock float on a molten sea, a man whose son flies high while he can only watch, a seaside town held together by the belief of its inhabitants.

Segue -- Sidestep into modern Himalayan legend, join an ocean crossing that traverses more than just the sea; discover an 18th century mermaid incursion, and try to dodge the paparazzi in your head.


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Thanks for the write-up!

Latest developments at infinity plus, include:

- two titles from Anna Tambour (described by SF Site as "one of the most delightful, original, and varied new writers on hand"): the novel Spotted Lily ( and the collection Monterra's Deliciosa (, which includes 17,000 words of bonus material

- with more titles due from Paul di Filippo, Eric Brown, John Grant, Molly Brown, Garry Kilworth and others.

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