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Seth Godin's Big Ideas You Can Read About (Part I)

Seth_godin_omni_2 We asked top blogger, marketing guru, and bestselling author Seth Godin to join us on Omnivoracious  for a three part installment of "Big Ideas You Can Read About" in celebration of the launch of his latest endeavor: The Domino Project.

The Domino Project is publishing big ideas that can change things for the better. All this week (through Friday, February 18, 2011), Seth is trying an experiment: You can help lower the price of the Kindle ebook edition of the first Domino Project book, Poke the Boxjust by signing up for his free newsletter.

For every 5,000 new subscribers to The Domino Project’s newsletter, we’ll lower the Kindle edition’s pre-order price by a dollar, all the way to $1.00.  Learn more and sign up  today at We’ll announce the final subscriber count and price on February 21, 2011—giving you one week (through February 28, 2011) to take advantage of the special pre-order price before the book goes on sale March 1, 2011.

We asked Seth to share some of the best big ideas that he has, in his own words, "had the sheer pleasure of being changed by."  Enjoy--and leave a comment to let us know about the big ideas you’ve been changed by lately.

--Seth Godin

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