Emerald City Comicon 2011: Interview with John Arcudi


Writer John Arcudi initially made a name for himself on Hollywood-blockbusters-turned-comics like Predator, Terminator, Robocop, and more, and then on comics-turned-films like his series Barb Wire and The Mask.  Since then, he's become a staple in the Hellboy universe, writing B.P.R.D. and shaping that universe into what it is today.  In this lively interview at the Emerald City convention, John and I discussed his early work, what's ahead in the pipeline, and his growing number of side projects.  [Readers will note that this conversation takes place before artist Guy Davis announced his departure from B.P.R.D.]

Amazon.com: I have to admit that I did a bit of a background check on you before our interview, and I noted that earlier in your career you wrote for Cracked Magazine. I was a big fan of that book when I was younger. Can you share any memories from your time at Cracked?

John Arcudi: It was a long time ago. It was the mid-to-late 80s. It wasn’t the first professional job that I did--that was at Savage Tales for Marvel--but a friend of mine, Mike Delle-Femine (Mort Todd), was Editor-in-Chief, and he asked me to try out some stuff, and we worked together and it worked out really well. It was amazing, because I got to work with Steve Ditko, Wally Brogan--which was a lot of fun--John Severin…Gene Colan, yeah, that was a lot of fun.

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