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New and Notable Book Trailers

Often times, book trailers leave something to be desired. There's even the Moby Awards, which celebrate the best and worst of them (mostly the worst). But every once in a while, we come across a trailer that's not necessarily good or bad, but are notable for other reasons.

Do you love The Wire as much as we do? A few of us in the office--Ali, Jessica, Lynette, me--are constantly talking about how it's the greatest television show of all time. So when actor Dominic West showed up in this book trailer, reading an excerpt from Charles Cumming's The Trinity Six, we collectively swooned at his British accent and his handsomely (but permanently) furrowed brow, which occasionally stares right at the camera, right into our souls.

I don't have kids, but I suddenly wish I did, so I wouldn't look ridiculous playing with Herve Tullet's Press Here. Does anyone have a small child I could borrow for the day? Anyone?



I don't quite understand what's going on in the book trailer for Matthew Sharpe's novel You Were Wrong, but I'll admit, anything with the Fiery Furnaces in the background gets an automatic plug from me. There are also a handful more in this series of videos on Matthew Sharpe's website.

Have you seen any notable book trailers recently?


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You are welcome to come to my pediatric waiting room and read Press Here to the kids- snotty or otherwise ;)

Copies of Matt Matthews’ debut novel Mercy Creek—winner of the South Carolina Arts Commission First Novel Prize—are available now from the Upstate’s award-winning Hub City Press, at

Publishers Weekly (May) writes that Mercy Creek is “an enticing full-blown whodunit that succeeds without the usual big twist ending” and “is a first-rate effort displaying skill, sensitivity, and grace.”

The trailer for Sarah Vowell's Unfamiliar Fishes is about the Hawaiian dish 'plate lunch,' and it's both making me hungry for lunch and weirding me out with its use of blue noodles and rice as diorama backdrops.

PW and Booklist both weighed in on this one as "a lovely example of how a text can interact with film to create something that’s not merely a commercial for the book, but a piece of art in itself." and "stunning" "beautiful" and "arresting".

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