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Seth Godin's Big Ideas You Can Read About (Part II)

Seth_godin_omni_2We asked top blogger, marketing guru, and bestselling author Seth Godin to join us on Omnivoracious for a three-part installment of “Big Ideas You Can Read About” in celebration of the launch of his latest endeavor, The Domino Project.

This month, Seth suggests that another big idea you can read about--happiness.  Here’s what he had to say:

Can a book make you happy?

Of course it can. Reading a book, whether it’s Radio Shangri-La or The War of Art can bring a smile to your face, can put a spring in your step, can briefly change your outlook.

But what about a book that can really make you happy? Actually transform your life?

Here are three worth a try:

Leo Baubuta writes the brilliant Zen Habits blog and he’s assembled many of his best ideas in The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but in this case, simple means effective.

Dan Gilbert is an engaging, erudite and funny Harvard professor (now that’s a rare trifecta) who knows more about the science of happiness than just about anyone. He’s shared the research generously in Stumbling on Happiness, and the notions in this book will stick with you for a long, long time.

And finally, the list would be incomplete without the incomparable Gretchen Rubin. When you read The Happiness Project, you’ll likely push back, resist, find reasons to hide. I think that’s a mistake. What Gretchen has done, with a lot of bravery, is open doors in a personal, honest way that allows us to step forward and actually benefit.

Hey, I’m happier just writing this post!--Seth Godin


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