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Which Jonathan Franzen Character Are You?


Jonathan Franzen has a gift for making readers empathetic to largely detestable, self-destructive characters. It's the reason why Freedom is so hard to put down--you relate to and care about the Berglunds, but at the same time, are glad to not be one of them.

So last week, when Office star Mindy Kaling asked her Twitter followers, "Which Franzen character are you most like?", I was stumped. The subtext seems to be: What do you loathe most about yourself? What are your darkest fears and secrets?

There's the condescending and cowardly Walter; the distrustful and discontent Patty; or the shallow and selfish Richard--so many options! Maybe I'll just stick to the "Which Harry Potter Character Are You?" quiz (Neville Longbottom, by the way).

Brave, self-deprecating readers: which Jonathan Franzen character best represents you?

Via Shelf Life


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