YA Wednesday: An Interview with Lauren Kate


How far would you go to find your true love? In Passion, the highly-anticipated third book in the bestselling Fallen series, the mortal Luce is determined to unlock her future by traveling through her past lives to find out about the mysterious forces that brought her together with her angel boyfriend, Daniel. We had an opportunity to talk to author Lauren Kate over email and ask her some burning questions about Luce, Daniel, Cam, and the true nature of eternal love.

Note: For readers who’d rather wait to find out what happens in Passion, stop reading now! There are some spoilers ahead.

Amazon.com: In Passion, Luce visits scenes from her past lives with Daniel, in an effort to find out more about their mysterious connection. How did you research the many places around the world and many time periods she visits?

Lauren Kate: Most frequently, I researched through literature. I was able to do some travel (Chitzen Itza, Versailles, and Milan), and of course there was some necessary historical research (fact checking online and such), but mostly, I read and reread novels set in the eras and locations I wanted to write about. When writing about Luce in Milan during World War I, I reread Farewell to Arms. When she’s in Moscow, I pulled from Bulgacov’s incredible The Master and Margarita. For her life with Daniel in Victorian Helston, I looked at North and South and The Woman in White. I went back to Shakespeare; I looked at Aida. This literary voyage was the most enjoyable research I’ve ever done, and I ended up with a very dynamic and exciting understanding of the journey Luce had to go on.

Amazon.com: Luce visits a dozen different past lives in Passion--our personal favorite was her life in Helston, England, which you wrote about in the very first pages of Fallen. Did you have a favorite as you were writing the book? Do all of the lifetimes have equal importance to the overall story, or is there one that we should pay more attention to?

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