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Graphic Novel Friday - Alan Moore in Autumn

Alan Moore fans are rarely left wanting. The lauded comics super-genius frequently has a reissue or new work in the pipeline, but this fall sees an unprecedented amount of deluxe editions, new collections, and original works across multiple publishers’ catalogues. Now is a great time to be a fan of Moore’s--but maybe not the best time to be a collector’s wallet.

Publisher Top Shelf recently released the second installment in Moore and artist Kevin O'Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century series, entitled 1969. It’s a trippy, confounding adventure, full of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll and plenty of text in a backmatter essay that’s sure to please die-hards. For readers looking to catch up on LoEG stories before embarking on the brand-new Century quests, DC Comics will let loose an omnibus of previously released Gentlemen material in November.

Fans of Alan Moore’s creator-owned ABC Universe will be thrilled at the announcement that Absolute Promethea Book Three will release in December after being slightly delayed. It’s the final Absolute edition in Moore and artist J.H. Williams III’s apocalyptic epic. No word yet on how the oversized, slip-cased edition will collect the fold-out, poster-forming final issue, but early word is that it will also collect Tom Strong issue #36, which is a direct tie-in to Promethea’s finale (and will be the first Absolute-sized presentation of Chris Sprouse’s artwork). Speaking of Tom Strong, the second volume of the spin-off series, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales, will finally have a paperback release in October.

Without spoiling too much--if you’ve read DC’s Brightest Day event (the final volume released this month), then be sure to watch for Vertigo’s classy hardcover release of Saga of the Swamp Thing Book 6, the final book in the newly collected Swamp Thing series. Here, Swamp Thing ponders one of Moore’s favorite subjects: the cosmos. Appropriately scheduled for a late October release, this volume mixes horror with outerspace exploration, and it concludes one of the most revered runs in Moore’s catalogue.

Moore explores the horror he writes so well and takes it to the nth degree in Neonomicon; Avatar Press will present the first-ever collection in simultaneous hardcover and paperback releases this November. The series gained notoriety in single issues when a comic shop in Florida refused to carry the comics due to the graphic nature contained therein.  I'm not sure I have the stomach for it--who am I kidding? This is brand-new Alan Moore material, which makes it a must read, even if I have to leave all the lights on when I do.

I’ve also never read Alan Moore’s Future Shocks stories, and UK publisher 2000AD will rectify that by thankfully collecting The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks in November. Culled from his early career, these stories are described as featuring “twist endings”--and at over 208 pages, that makes for plenty of surprises.

For more on these books as well as Alan Moore’s entire bibliography, fans’ holiday wishlists should include Alan Moore: Storyteller, a beautiful hardcover released in July. Written by Gary Spencer Millidge, the book chronicles Moore’s career, series by series, with plenty of photographs, scripts and full-color covers and interior images from various books and esoteric Moore projects. It evens includes a CD of the writer’s music, and Michael Moorcock provides a lengthy foreword.




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