Chip Kidd to Pen Original Batman Graphic Novel

Batman_dbdDream jobs do come true. At New York Comic Con last weekend, DC announced that award-winning author, book jacket designer, and unabashed Batman fan Chip Kidd would write an original Batman graphic novel. Previously, Kidd showed off his personal collection of Batman memorabilia in Batman: Collected and he recently chronicled long unsung Batman-manga comics and Japanese Batman toys in Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan. This is in addition to having a hand in the design of numerous high profile comics projects like Final Crisis, Watching the Watchmen, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Rough Justice: the DC Comics Sketches of Alex Ross, Absolute All-Star Superman, and many more.

With a wink to such comics ties, Kidd revealed in an interview with Comic Book Resources that the title of his graphic novel will be Batman: Death by Design, and that he will be collaborating with artist Dave Taylor.

"I actually came up with the title first. I thought, 'If it's me and you know who I am and what I do, then I'm going to come at this whole thing from a design standpoint.' I've said for many years that Batman himself and especially the way he's evolved is brilliant design. It's problem solving. And we get into that in the story. Beyond that, it became about me going 'What if?' What do I want that I haven't seen? And really, the overall Art Direction for the book is 'What if Fritz Land made a Batman movie in the late 1930s and had a huge budget? Go!' There's the visual platform."

While he’s written stories for comics before in Bizarro Comics and a strip in Mythology, this marks Kidd’s first full-scale comics work. Early word from DC is that the publication date is June 2012, but a detail page doesn’t even exist yet. If readers are looking for a taste of the designer’s prose, Kidd wrote The Cheese Monkeys, a novel about--you guessed it!--graphic design students, and its sequel, The Learners. Both are witty, involving works and signal a high standard for this Batman project.

For much more on Death by Design, be sure to read the full interview at CBR.


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