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Not Drinking With Man Booker Prize Winner Anne Enright

51fTDntAJhL._BO2,204,203,200_AA300_SH20_OU01_People will say of the Irish, "Now that's someone I'd like to share a pint with." But I have to admit, drinking beer with Irish author Anne Enright crossed my mind more than once during Amazon's recent pint-free chat with her. Anne was funny and charming and real. Someone you'd want to spend time with. Over a pint. Or two.

We talked about her new book, The Forgotten Waltz. This was days before the Man Booker Prize was to be announced (it went to Julian Barnes, for The Sense of An Ending). So we had to ask Anne about winning the prestigious Booker Prize in 2007, for The Gathering, and what it meant to her. "It made me a bit grumpy, actually," she said.

"Because it was a full-time job winning the Booker. I mean, it was very hard work, and I'm a conscientious sort of chick, and I was doing the job of winning the Booker... But, as it is, I already have two full-time jobs. I have kids, and I have books to write. So it kept me from the desk. I was very happy to meet readers. That was an extremely nurturing experience. But I really, really wanted to get back to work."

Watch this space for our full interview. Meanwhile, here's a preview: Anne reading a selection from The Forgotten Waltz, including a stumble and a curse or two...



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