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Have a Question for YA Author Amanda Hocking?

SwitchedAmanda Hocking is not your average YA author. Even before her Trylle series is released in early 2012 from St. Martin's press she's already sold millions of her books. How? By being a self-published phenom--that's how. (In case you're wondering, there's a movie deal in the works, too).

So how'd she do it? Where does she get her ideas from? What will happen to changeling and star of Switched, Torn, and Ascend Wendy Everly'? 

We don't know, but you have the opportunity to find out in an exclusive Amazon video with Amanda--to be filmed later this week!

So if there's something you're dying to ask, speak up (and leave your question as a comment below).



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I read an ARC of Switched and it was AMAZING! Where did the inspiration from this story come from?

what stores can i find this series in?

Do you plan your novels before writing them? If so, how long are they usually?

What do you do when you have no inspiration?

How many words long is My Blood Approves?

Love your books, Amanda!

I would love to know how you market your books. I am an author with the Circle 8 Writer's group and we struggle with this. We promote often in lots of places. We do blogs, tweet, have a Facebook Fan page and we do book signings. Would love to hear your suggestions.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors and how would you suggest marketing a self-published novel?

Do you find more inspiration in small town Midwest than if you were in a bigger city like New York City or Los Angeles?

Do you recommend a new author to self-publish/E-publish in order to establish themselves, and then go the traditional route to the publishing houses? As in, doing what you did? Thanks!

First off, you are amazing! To think you started this all on your own is incredible. Best luck on all of your coming deserve them. Are you working on the continuation to Hollowland yet? I really enjoyed that story (as well as all of your others). Thanks and keep up the good work!

What is the latest information you have on the movie deal?!

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