Tips from the Pros: Greenwood and Evans on How to Jumpstart Your Writing

WritersdontcryDeadlines seem anathema to inspiration. But for some writers, deadlines are actually quite inspiring. And not just in the “my editor’s going to kill me” kind of way. These writers take a strong work ethic, shape it with a little creativity, and come out looking at inspiration in an entirely new—and surprisingly efficient—light.Jumpstart

To celebrate the deadline-driven inspiration of NaNoWriMo, this Monday, Wednesday (today!), and Friday, some of my favorite professional authors are spilling their secrets on how they write even when the muse is M.I.A.

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Ed Greenwood (read his books)
Creator of the Forgotten Realms world, and author of over 140 Books, including Bury Elminster Deep

I never get stalled in writing. No, I'm not boasting or preening, I'm sharing my survival strategy.

I don't get stalled because I'm brilliant or so frothingly full of ideas that they pour out of me whenever I so much as pass a keyboard, but because I always have six to eight projects on the go at any one time, and when I start to run down or hit a wall on one, I just switch to another.

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