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YA Wednesday: Chatting with Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver first appeared on the YA lit scene in 2010 with Before I Fall, which was a New York Times best-seller as well as one of Amazon's top 10 books for young adults last year. In 2011 she doubled her output, releasing the first in a new young adult trilogy, Delirium, while also making a foray into middle-fiction with Liesl & Po. Both books made our respective top 2011 teens and middle grade lists as well as various other "best of" (e.g. Kirkus, round-ups.

To put it mildly, Lauren Oliver is awesomely talented, personable, and according to this article on yesterday, great at co-running her own company. So when her publisher told me she would be coming through Seattle I eagerly jumped at the chance to interview her, the result of which is below. Hopefully it'll make the wait for the follow-up to Delirium, titled Pandemonium (it's out on March 6, 2012 but who's counting, right? Wait, I am...), at least a little more bearable.



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