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YA Wednesday: John Green Says Thanks to His "Amazonian" Fans

FaultYesterday we posted an exclusive excerpt from John's heartbreaking new book, The Fault in Our Stars. Today, John extends his gratitude to "the people of the Amazon."

[Watch this space tomorrow for another excerpt - Chapter 2 of The Fault in Our Stars.]



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Please read this book- it is by far my favorite John Green book, and debatably my favorite book of all time.

(PS. He did mean Nerdfighteria is his hometown- DFTBA)

Can't wait to get mine in and read this book. It will be nice to read a book about cancer patients that isn't a tragic book about cancer that just do happens to be in patients.

I finished tifios last night at one in the morning; I loved every minute of it. Thanks for all you've given us John. You'll never truly know how much you've touched your readers lives.

Thanks for your comments, guys. John is hilarious, no? Here at Amazon, we thought TFIOS was uplifting and beautiful and moving.

I have the book sat on my desk right now, better start readin' I guess.

I love how, when I'm reading a few pages into the book, it mentions V for Vendetta and I'm watching the film at the same time.

I'm so happy to have gotten mine in the mail yesterday, I'm half way through it!

Oh John, your humor never ceases to entertain me. I finished TFIOS last night. IT WAS AMAZING!DFTBA!

Thankyou for this amazing book John. You may not feel like you should be in front of the camera to talk about your books but i just wanted to let people know i sure as hell appreciate it :)

I will Never FTBA.

"Heartbreaking," huh? Well, given the subject matter, makes sense...but I hope there's at least an uplifting message. I'm allergic to tragedy.

I wonder if he is referring to his actual hometown, or to nerdfighteria there...:P

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