"Control Point" by Myke Cole: Black Hawk Down Meets the X-Men


Ever wondered what “Black Hawk Down meets the X-Men” might look like? According to bestselling author Peter V. Brett, that’s exactly what readers get in Myke Cole’s debut novel Control Point the first in his Shadow Ops series from Ace. The praise doesn’t end there, with another bestseller, Ann Aguirre, calling Control Point “hands down the best military fantasy I’ve ever read.”

In Cole’s novel, people are waking up with magical talents—- storm-summoning, raising the dead, and fire-starting—- and creating chaos because of it. Army officer Oscar Britton, a member of the military’s Supernatural Operations Corps, is tasked with bringing order “to a world gone mad.” But when he suddenly manifests a rare magical power, Britton must go on the run from his former bosses. As Britton evades capture and learns more about the world of magic, the stakes rise exponentially. Cole’s career seems almost as exciting (and perilous) as the events in Control Point. As a security contractor, government civilian and military officer, Cole has been involved in everything from counterterrorism efforts to cyber warfare and federal law enforcement. After three tours in Iraq, Cole was recalled to serve during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

With that career background, readers may be surprised to learn that Cole, as he told Omni in an exclusive interview, “grew up with solid nerd roots: from Dungeons & Dragons to comic books to mass-market fantasy. You should be seeing the Terry Brooks, Tolkien and D&D in Control Point every bit as much as you see the Black Hawk Down.”

Cole started writing as a kid, with fantasy a big influence: “My first ‘book’ consisted of transcribing the vinyl recording of Ralph Bakshi's old Lord of the Rings animated film when I had just learned to write competently. I never stopped writing from that point on. I got serious about writing for publication in roughly 1998.”

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