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The Nom Nom Nominees For The James Beard Awards

ButterBeer and beef, wine and chocolate, butter and olive oil - all the good stuff is properly represented among the nominees for the annual James Beard Foundation awards, which are given to cookbook authors, food writers, and chefs in numerous categories. The nominees announced today include three of Amazon's Best Books of the Month picks from 2011, including Blood, Bones & Butter, chosen as one of our Best Books of the Year.

American Cooking

Cooking from a Professional Point of View

Baking and Dessert


Writing and Literature 

Cookbook winners will be announced May 4, along with the Cookbook of the Year. Winners in other categories, including best restaurants and chefs, will be announced May 7. To see nominees in all categories, click here.



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Those are all delectable and fulfilling books to read and add to my ever growing tomes for culinary arts. I will try my luck on finding these.

Thank you for posting it here.

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Thanks, Tom and Alex, for the shout out to Brad. We'll be pulling for him when the James Beard winners are announced May 4.

Such awesome news for Brad--and a well deserved nomination. I made a Vieux Carre from the recipe in "Bitters" the other weekend, and it was fantastic.

Can't let this go without noting that of course one of the Beverage nominees is none other than former Omni correspondent Brad Thomas Parsons (!

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