"On the Other Side of That Vast and Blinding Desert" - A Conversation with Ted Kosmatka


Omnivoracious recently caught up with Ted Kosmatka, author of the debut science fiction thriller The Games, our top pick in March for Science Fiction & Fantasy. Both Publishers Weekly and Booklist gave the book starred reviews, and made comparisons to Crichton (we asked him about that below).

    "Blends the best of Crichton and Koontz." --Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

    "Very like something Michael Crichton might have written...An outstanding debut novel; expect big things from Kosmatka." --Booklist (Starred Review)


-- Omni's interview with Ted Kosmatka --


Omnivoracious: How do you describe the book to people?

Ted Kosmatka: I think of The Games as a "what if" story where science and culture have intersected in a kind of perfect storm. In short, genetic engineering has become an Olympic event. Technological expertise is a matter of national pride, and countries across the globe invest massive resources into the competition, producing bizarre gladiators who fight before an audience of billions. The only rule is that no human DNA is allowed; so these are beasts fighting to the death in the arena, not humans. The Games produce enormous revenues, which feeds technological advancement and provides the veneer of moral justification that is required for society to embrace the bloodsport. When the world's newest supercomputer is brought in to help design the next U.S. gladiator, the result is science run amok.

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