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Author Jim Lynch, on Seattle's Space Needle. Literally.

TruthAfter 18 years as a newspaper reporter, Jim Lynch made the leap from truth telling to fiction writing. His first two books, The Highest Tide and Border Songs, established him as an agile and fresh-voiced novelist, capable of taut prose and appealingly imperfect characters. Lynch's new book, also set in the Pacific Northwest, revisits the moment when Seattle, in unveiling its iconic Space needle, stepped onto the world stage. Set in both 1962 and 2001, Truth Like The Sun--one of our Best Books of the Month for April--is Lynch's compelling take on ambition, the story of an enterprising reporter colliding with an impassioned mayoral candidate. It's also the story of a city's coming of age.

We're grateful to Jim for indulging our request to ride to the top of the Needle and talk about journalism, politicians, Seattle's skyline, and the research and writing of Truth Like the Sun.


>See all of Jim Lynch's books, or visit his website.

>Read an excerpt in Seattle Met magazine.


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This book looks great! Thank you for sharing. I am excited to order and read it.
Ruth James

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