Emerald City Comicon 2012: Interview with Greg Capullo

Artist Greg Capullo may be most well-known for his work on the horror title Spawn, where he took over art duties for Todd McFarlane, a task not many artists would be willing to do, let alone capable of accomplishing. There, the title became a showcase for Capullo's recognizable, frenetic style. He's been  involved with big titles before, including the 1990s juggernaut X-Force, but his career reached a new level last year when DC named him as the artist for their flagship re-launch title: Batman with writer Scott Snyder. At Emerald City Comicon 2012, the animated and candid Capullo sat down to discuss the spotlight with refreshing honesty.

Omnivoracious.com: The first arc of the Batman re-launch, The Court of Owls, releases next month, and it's such a high-profile project for you. When did you get the call that you’d be moving to Gotham City?

Greg Capullo: At the time I was still over at Image, working with Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame. We were doing a title called Haunt, and I was going, “Maybe this isn’t the best place for my career at the moment.” I felt like it needed a shot in the arm, so I started talking with Marvel and DC Comics about what kinds of projects I might attach myself to. I was talking with Marvel about some sort of Avengers, X-Men-type thing [while] at the same time I was talking to DC about Batman. So, for two months I spent many sleepless nights going, “Which way do I go?” I’ve always been a Marvel-guy, but [DC] is going, “Batman!” And just like a mom who is carrying a baby in her belly, there was this small kid in me going, “Batman! Batman! Do Batman!” You know, with all those pangs I just wanted him to stop, so I went with Batman and it’s been awesome.

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