Graphic Novel Friday: Interview with Robert Kirkman

It's probably unnecessary at this point to introduce Robert Kirkman. As the creator of The Walking Dead, he's watched his zombie apocalypse series go from comic book success to televised event. Riding high on the second season's biggest ratings yet, Robert's future plans are not limited to the undead--or even comics. At Emerald City Comicon 2012, we spoke at length about his many other projects, including superheroes, long-form heist plots, novels, dinosaurs, and yes, those flesh-hungry zombies. It can’t be easy to introduce a new superhero in today’s comics climate, yet Invincible is nearing triple digit issue numbers. How has Invincible thrived where so many new heroes have not?

Robert Kirkman: Invincible is everything I’ve ever loved about superhero comics thrown into one book. I am a superhero comics fan as much as anyone who reads Invincible. The book speaks to that kind of a fanbase. It’s just a cool little superhero universe that I get to play in every month, and it’s got amazing artwork by Ryan Ottley. It struggled early on because there is a glut of superhero comics in the industry, but it’s held on. I couldn’t be happier that it’s held on, but I don’t know exactly why [it has]. I’d like to think that it’s because it’s entertaining, but maybe it’s because the artwork’s really good.

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