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Team Hero vs. Team Villain! (Oh, and Susan J. Morris Is a Guest of Honor at GenCon)

Writersdontcry HeroesvillainsVillains—or heroes. A classic debate! Both are key to killer books and legendary games. Both can be more complicated than a multidimensional muppet show. And both are subjects about which I have opinions. Lots and lots of very strong opinions. And while we love them both equally, when we tuck them into our stories—we both know we can play favorites.

As an Industry Insider Guest of Honor this year at GenCon, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be hosting two Writers Don’t Cry seminars--just in time for my column's one year anniversary! One seminar will focus on how to create a killer villain, and the other on how to create captivating heroes. In these seminars, I’ll go over everything from what goes into a good hero’s origin story, to the fine line between antihero and villain, all the way up to how to pick a plot to compliment your heroes—and villains to compliment them both. There will also be time for some Q&A, so bring your best questions!

So . . . which team are you on?

So, You Want to Be a Hero: Creating Captivating Heroes for Games and Books

4pm Thurs/Aug 16/Convention Center Rm 211


Sympathy for the Devil: Creating Killer Villains for Games and Books

4pm Sat/Aug 18/Convention Center Rm 211

You can register for my seminars here.

You can also catch me at the following featured panels along with some of my fellow Industry Insider Guest of Honor:

Games & Novels
11am Thurs/Aug 16/Convention Center Rm 211
Panelists: Dennis Detwiller, Matt Forbeck, Susan Morris, James Wyatt

How can your favorite novels & video games improve your tabletop campaign? Does gaming enhance your enjoyment of novels? Our Industry panelists discuss the role of story across games & fiction.

Making Room for Daughters
2pm Thurs/Aug 16/Convention Center Rm 210
Panelists: Michelle Lyons, Susan Morris

Women are an ever increasing segment of the gaming population—not merely the stereotypical roles. Forget damsels in distress—we’ll discuss you how to make your games welcoming for women of all

Teaching Games
10am Fri/Aug 17/Convention Center Rm 211
Panelists: Tavis Allison, Susan Morris, Stan!

Educators, parents, and kids share their experiences with programs that introduce kids to gaming, from school curricula to homeschooling to summer camps, and pass on advice and inspiration.

How to Get a Woman (to Play Your Game)
12pm Fri/Aug 17/Convention Center Rm 211
Panelists: Jess Hartley, Michelle Lyons, Susan Morris, Elizabeth Shoemaker, Christina Stiles

An all-female panel that's equal parts discussion about what games we love and why, and how to create a table atmosphere that is inclusive and welcoming. Q&A

+5 Sword of E-publishing
1pm Fri/Aug 17/Convention Center Rm 210
Panelists: Wolfgang Baur, Susan Morris, Gareth-Michael Skarka, Stan!

The games industry was an early adopter of the digital publishing business model, long before the explosion of tablets, Kindles and other e-readers took the mainstream publishing world by storm. Join
our Industry Insider Guests as they talk about the lessons learned along the way, which can help you bring your game project to life as a digital release.


I hope to see you there!
Find out more about GenCon.
Register Now


Happy Writing!

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