Celebrating a Year of Writers Don't Cry

Writersdontcry Writers Don't Cry CupcakeI can hardly believe it’s been a year! That’s 54 columns, roughly 70,000 words, and around a gazillion hours of writing. And boy, have the columns grown! Starting out at around 800 words, they’ve since almost doubled in size as my fingers warmed up and the topics grew more complex.

In addition, this past year, Writers Don’t Cry was lucky enough to be featured in some awesome panels at Northwest Bookfest and Emerald City Comicon, and will be a part of the Industry Insider Guest of Honor program at GenCon this month. I've met so many amazing people and heard some truly awesome stories through working on this project. Here’s hoping the next year will bring even more exciting opportunities.

Thank you all so much for all your support!

Top Ten Columns

1. How to Kill (a Character)
2. Sympathy for the Devil: How to Write Killer Villains
3. Five Steps to a Heart-Stopping (Literary) Climax
4. Total Reader Immersion: Writing Evocative Description
5. Give Your Characters a Voice: Writing Strong Dialogue
6. Making Magic Work (in Books)
7. Five Steps to Finding Your Voice
8. The Rule of Threes: Expressive Character Design
9. Discover Your Word Crushes: What Word Clouds Tell You About Your Writing
10. Character by Design: Three Steps to Creating Distinct Personalities


1. R.A. Salvatore on How to Write a Damn Good Fight Scene
2. Tall, Dark, and Heroic: Paul S. Kemp on How to Write Antiheroes
3. Smarter, Faster, Meaner: Richard Lee Byers on Writing Mastermind Villains
4. Tips from the Pros: Shelly Mazzanoble on How to Be Inspired
5. Tips from the Pros: Greenwood and Evans on How to Jumpstart Your Writing
6. Tips from the Pros: Kemp, Pauley, and Cordell on How to Wrangle Your Muse
7. Books with a Bang: Troy Denning on Writing the Ultimate Climax
8. Beyond Orcs & Elves: Stacy Whitman on Writing Cross-Culturally
9. Philip Athans on Building Immersive Sci-Fi & Fantasy Worlds

Make Your Voice Heard

If there are any topics you’d like to see covered in the coming year, please let me know! I'd love to be given the chance to address them.

Writers Don’t Cry Index

For your browsing pleasure, below is a full index of all the Writers Don’t Cry columns to date.

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