YA Wednesday: James Dashner's 10 Things I'd Want During the Apocalypse

James Dashner's Maze Runner Trilogy is one of my absolute favorites for YA in recent years.  A plague, a government experiment, non-stop action and plot twists--Dashner had me from the first book and he didn't disappoint except in making this a trilogy.  I wanted more, and sometimes you get what you wish for: last week The Kill Order released and this fabulous prequel to The Maze Runner went a long way toward answering my many questions about the time before Thomas entered the Glade. In fact, we loved it so much around here that we made it one of our picks for Best Teen Books of August

After writing these four books we figured Dashner might have a good idea of what would be useful to have in the event of an apocalypse (weapons? duct tape? toothpaste? hot dogs!?) so we asked for his Top 10 list of must-have items, you can check it out below.

Earlier this summer we had a chat with the author (who still has a hint of that smooth Georgia accent, btw) and in the video interview below we learned more about The Kill Order, a new series he's launching this month for middle graders starting with The Infinity Ring: Mutiny in Time, AND a new YA series he's working on (!).

James Dashner's Top Ten Things I’d Want During the Apocalypse:

10. Very, very strong sunglasses.

9. Lots of plastic to wrap around my house.

8. A stranger taken in who happens to be the smartest, ablest doctor in a thousand years.

7. A server containing every show that’s ever been on HBO and a nice entertainment system on which to watch it all.

6. An ereader loaded with 5,000 books.

5. A generator and a gas refinery next door to provide fuel so I can watch all those shows and charge my ereader.

4. Deodorant that smells like a rotting dead body so zombies think I’m just one of them.

3. Lifetime supplies in my basement of the following: hot dogs, Almond Joys, potato chips, and Mountain Dew.

2. A cloaking device to hide my house from the tyrannical, evil, bloodthirsty government that will inevitably spring up.

1. Oh, and my wife and kids.

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