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Amazon Asks: J.R. Moehringer, Author of "Sutton"

Moehringer is the author of Sutton, an Amazon Best Book of the Month pick, as well as the bestselling memoir, The Tender Bar. We asked about books he's reading (The Prizefighter and the Playwright), books he's looking forward to (Kent Haruf's Benediction), and books that have inspired him (The Sun Also Rises and The Great Gatsby).

We also discussed what inspired him to tell the story of bankrobber Willie Sutton. (Hint: anger)


Willie_sutton Guards-pointing-at-hole Wanted by fbi

 Suttons arrest Willie smoking a bud

Our thanks to J.R. for sharing the above photos, which show Sutton entering Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, after his 1934 armed robbery conviction; guards at Eastern State Penitentiary beside the hole through which Sutton and 11 other prisoners escaped in 1945; one of the first-ever FBI Most Wanted Lists, featuring Sutton; and the police officers who finally caught Sutton, in February 1952, showed him a respect bordering on affection. Finally, Sutton smokes a cigarette shortly after his arrest in 1952.



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