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Message to Amazon Customers: Colbert LOVES His New Book

Stephen Colbert has sent us this exclusive video in which he discusses his new book America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't. If you're wondering what he thinks of his book, we've gotten our hands on an early copy that contains the following Colbert blurb on the back page: "If there's a better book than this, I haven't written it." Enjoy.




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I wanted to read his new book on a new Kindle Paperwhite. But apparently Amazon's already sold out of the Paperwhite, and new ones won't be shipped for another 4-6 weeks!

Sunt foarte plăcut pentru acest blog. Mă simt puternic despre el și dragoste de învățare mai mult pe acest subiect. Dacă este posibil, după cum puteți câștiga experiență, te-ar deranja actualizarea blog-ul dvs. cu mai multe informatii? Este extrem de util pentru mine.

I have. I’m the creator of Lacy Dawn Adventures and a therapist in a children’s mental health center in Charleston, WV. This project was started as a means of raising funds to prevent child abuse. Three short stories have been published in magazines (one on-line, plus reprinted) and two on paper. Recently, the first novel was published. Rarity from the Hollow was published by Dog Horn Publishing in Leeds, England. It is available on-line (Amazon), as a paperback in some brick and mortar bookstores and Lulu (you may have to order it if you go to your local store), and as a hardback from the publisher. Author proceeds are donated to prevent child abuse. There are several professional book reviews if one Googles the title and more available, mostly from once famous authors (I’m 61) on request. Downloadable pictures of the cover are also available on-line. I’m writing to request pro bono advertising or a review. As a bottom line, as a survivor, I believe that empowerment is the cure to victimization and this novel is just that – a fun read that is mostly satirical, following three tragic chapters (that could trigger). Thank you. Robert Eggleton

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