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A Look at Slate's Year-end Book Review

Slate has come out with several features wrapping up the year in books. The lists are all exceptional and clearly have a lot of thought behind them. The Overlooked Books list alone is worth the time--you'll find some more esoteric picks than you normally get in a year-end review. Having recently endured the Herculean (but fun) task of compiling our own Best of the Year lists, it was a joy for the editors at Amazon to read these ones. And that's not always the case.



Slate's 2012 Staff Picks

  • Slate's editors, columnists and designers pick their favorite books of 2012.


The Overlooked Books of 2012

  • The Slate Book Review critics suggest 20 great books you've never heard of—but should have.


Dan Kois' 15 Favorite Books of 2012 (not written by Katherine Boo)

  • Editor of The Slate Book Review puts aside his most favorite book of the year to list 15 other titles from 2012 that moved him, made him laugh, astonished him, and pleasantly confused him.


The Slate Book Review Top Ten

  • The ten most crucial books Slate reviewed in 2012 (including Gone Girl and Behind the Beautiful Forevers)


They've even included suggestions on How to Wrap an E-book



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