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Connie Brockway: 'Tis the Season!


It’s the Holiday Season! I love it. Really. But if you’re like me and sometimes find yourself up to here with your role as Director of All Things Jolly, you might need an occasional respite from all that online shopping, card addressing, school concerts attending, off-key caroling, outdoor light hanging, and holiday Pinteresting. In the Connie-verse that means hiding, er, withdrawing for a few precious hours with a good romance. But since it’s The Season, you don’t want to withdraw too far from the battle lines; you never know when you might be called upon to whip up a batch of cookies or don a Santa beard and pinch hit for your neighbor at the local daycare. So here are some romances guaranteed to take you away while still keeping you in the holiday mood.


Kissing Under the Mistletoe, Mariana Adair

A perfectly delightful, goopily sentimental holiday romance (including cameos by Mrs. Claus) featuring single mom and wine marketer Regan Martin going toe-to-toe with dead-sexy winery scion Gabe DeLuca. He thinks she’s a home-wrecker responsible for his baby sister’s ruined marriage. She thinks he’s (unprintable). So why can’t she keep her mind, and hands, off him?  First in a series I can’t wait to keep reading!

What Happens at Christmas, Victoria Alexander

Ms. Alexander is at the top of her game in this wonderfully funny, clever, and romantic tale. The lovely widow Lydington is ready to tie the knot again, this time with an imported prince who is absolutely mad to experience a perfect, traditional English Christmas. Unfortunately there is nothing traditional, let alone perfect, about Lady Lydington’s clan. So she hires actors to take their places. The only thing she doesn’t count on is old flame Gray Elliot appearing at her door, out to prove to himself that he’s quite over the woman who broke his heart. I adore second-chance-at-love stories and this one hits on all cylinders.

‘Twas the Night After Christmas, Sabrina Jeffries

If I love second-chance-at-love stories, I adore a bad-boy hero. And Pierce Devonmont is uber-bad: a gorgeous, cynical gambler given to drinking, wenching, and tortured self-reflection—hold on while I fan myself. But when Pierce receives word that the mother, who for all intents and purposes abandoned him, is dying, he nonetheless flies to her side. And to the side of her companion, the very disapproving Camille Stuart. Camille is determined to bring about reconciliation between Pierce and the woman she has grown to love. Even if it means lying about that same lady’s imminent death. An unrepentant rake and a brusque, no-nonsense spinster? The combo is flat-out combustible.


A Cowboy for Christmas, Lori Wilde

A touching, tender story with a nice dollop of animal magnetism.  After Lisette’s husband dies in Afghanistan, his death benefits inexplicably end up going to his half brother, Raff Jones, a man Lisette knew nothing about. Worse, her son is going deaf and there’s no money to pay for medical care. In rides Raff (cue hero music!) to hand over money he doesn’t consider his. Ms. Wilde pairs a woman determined to finally stand on her own with the sort of delicious alpha male who seems genetically hardwired to protect those in need. The results are spectacularly moving.

And because it’s the Season of Giving, I’m not stopping with four picks. I’m adding a few more because, well, you might need them!

Wallflower Christmas, Lisa Kleypas

The regency wallflowers, now beautifully realized women, meet up for a little holiday magic and matchmaking.

Enchanted, Patti Berg

A billionaire, struggling ever since his father’s death, makes a Christmas wish...

Mine at Midnight, Jacquie D’Alessandro

A fun, frothy madcap caper involving a party planner and her buttoned-down accountant. Ever see Bringing Up Baby?

Must Love Mistletoe, Christie Ridgway

“Humbug” Bailey’s resigned to saving her family’s Christmas business... if everyone would just get out of her way. And that includes the sexy boy-next-door-turned-special-agent (?!) she loved and lost ten years earlier.

Happy Holidays wherever you are and God bless us, everyone!

Connie Brockway is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author. Her latest novel is The Other Guy's Bride. She is published by Montlake Romance.






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I’m impressed, I must say very efficiently written information.

Hi Sharlene,

While it adds to the experience to have read Lisa Kleypas's other Wallflower books, it's by no mean necessary. The story stands on its own, so enjoy!

Great list! I'm reading Twas the Night After Christmas right now. I love Christmas books.

I have recently read What Happens at Christmas & A Cowboy for Christmas & agree those are great stories. I have also read Must Love Mistletoe - have to take that one out & read it again! And Sabrina's book is on my stack for the next week or so. Also, I know Wallflower Christmas is part of a series. Can it be read on its own? Thanks!

Thanks for the awesome list.
Merry Christmas~

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