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Number One New York Times Best Seller Karen Marie Moning on Her New Urban Fantasy Trilogy

MoningFresh off of the massive success that was Shadowfever, a New York Times #1 bestseller, Karen Marie Moning is back with Iced, a new urban fantasy set in the world of the Fever series, picking up immediately where the last book ended. At its center is Dani O'Malley, the powerful, tough-talking teen sidhe seer who has stolen readers' hearts.

For anyone who somehow hasn’t heard of Moning’s books, Dani plays by her own set of rules in a world overrun by Dark Fae, helped by rare talents and the all-powerful Sword of Light. But now, amid pandemonium, her greatest gifts have turned into serious liabilities. Dani’s ex-best friend, MacKayla Lane, wants her dead; the terrifying Unseelie princes have put a price on her head; and Inspector Jayne, the head of the police force, is after her sword and will stop at nothing to get it. What’s more, people are being mysteriously frozen to death all over the city, encased on the spot in sub-zero, icy tableaux. From there, it just gets worse—and more exciting.

According to Moning, in an exclusive interview for Omnivoracious, the biggest difference between the prior novels and Iced is that “the reader gets multiple points of view, rather than experiencing everything through Mac’s eyes. I know some readers will miss having interaction with Mac and Barrons but I’ve got an incredible journey in store for the reader and a lot of great stuff up my sleeve.”

Since the first five Fever books came to Moning fully formed, Iced was challenging precisely because she is moving beyond the comfort zone of Mac and Barrons—“two characters my readers love so much”—and delving into other characters, “some of whom are deeply conflicted, like a sexy Highlander turning Unseelie prince. But because the series continues the story where the Fever series left off, with the same core set of characters to me, this isn’t a ‘new’ series at all. It’s a sideways look at the same world through different eyes.”

Iced--MoningOmni asked Moning to choose a favorite scene or scenes from the new novel. “Two scenes: First, the one where the reader finds out what happened that made Dani the way she is (equal parts a cold-blooded assassin and a ferociously optimistic young woman) and second, when the main characters all get into a pissing match over each others’ musical taste. While the world is melting down around them.”

Moning has a devoted readership, many of whom she calls “smart, funny, strongly opinionated, vocal. Did I say strongly opinionated and vocal? LOL.” She loves “hearing reader feedback. I love getting the opportunity to meet with a group of fans, or host a chat and pick their brains. However—and this is a big however—I never let that feedback change the story I’m telling in any essential way. I realized early in my career that precisely what one reader doesn’t like is what another reader loves. Collectively, any writer’s audience presents a mishmash of expectations that can never all be met. What one-tenth of my readership may not be crazy about the other nine-tenths savors. The moment you start altering a book or a painting or any type of art as if it’s a public collaborative, you crucify its soul. I’d rather irritate a few people and delight a lot than touch no one.”

Moning never had any idea that she would one day reach such a fever pitch of popularity. “When I first began writing, I’d been working long hours in insurance arbitration/litigation, and my goals were simple: I wanted to make enough of a living that I could avoid alarm clocks and rush hour traffic for the rest of my life. I never thought past that. I never dreamed I might one day hit bestseller lists. I certainly never imagined the enthusiasm and devotion I’ve received from readers. Fifteen books later, I still find it startling, amazing, and humbling. I doubt I’ll ever get used to it.”

Indeed, Moning notes, “Writing is such a solitary experience” that after spending “long months alone, working on a book, introverted to an extreme, getting to spend time with the readers I’m writing for is endless fun.” She recently hosted a fan event in New Orleans to celebrate the launch of Iced, with a book signing followed by two Q&A chats the next morning and “it was fantastic to spend intimate time with a few hundred die-hard fans and talk all things Fever. I’m always aware of how lucky I am to get to do what I do for a living. Events like that are icing on the cake.”




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KMM is one-of-a-kind in this genre! Anyone I have ever referred her books to understands why she is my favorite. ICED was everything I expected AND more! KMM ROCKS!

Anything by KMM is on my must read list. Iced was a delight. Tightly written, fast paced and with a cast of characters you fall in love with, or love to hate!

I love Iced and all of Karen's work. She keeps you intranced from page one to the end. Almost all of her books I have read in one sitting. :) They are incredibly hard to put down and the wait for the next book in the series is a worth your wile wait. I recommend her books to everyone. You will be drawn in by Mac and Barrons and the chemistry between them. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in Dani's story. Great stuff there!!!

Karen Marie Moning is on my buy as soon as released, no
question!! I've read every book of hers I could get my hands
on. The amazing details and emotion inducing characters awe me
I am so glad I was introduced to her books and plan on
continuing to be a fan always!!

When I am asked to recommend an author, Karen Marie Moning is always the first of the list. She is by far my favorite author and I cannot wait for what's in store :)

I loved this book and can't wait for the next...and I agree with Karen about the IPod scene with the choice of music - too funny! I also can't wait for the conclusion to Mac and Barrons...Like all your books I just couldn't put them down!

love KMM and her worlds.

It's great that you don't try to "please" people. These books are ultimately YOUR stories (your children). You have to remain true to that. And I really don't think finding followers who love exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it should be a problem. I think you probably have tons of women followers in love with one or more of your totally hot male characters!

"I’d rather irritate a few people and delight a lot than touch no one.”

Why not be unpredictable and unique and delight a few?!?! Instead of writing what the fangirls want?

But we'll see. Iced was a great read. Let's hope the rest of the trilogy will be as well.

Love this series!

LOVE LOVE the fever series and Iced is a great start to the next!! Keep up the good work because I am so ready for the next book!! Love you KMM!!

I have read all of Karen's books, and she never ever disappoints. She's the best writer of her genre, hands down. Iced is better than I expected. You go girl! Can't wait for Burned!

LOVE the Fever series. One of my absolute all time favorites, hands down. I am looking forward to reading Iced and I better get it for Christmas or I'm going shopping for myself! Karen, you are truly talented and I have been a big fan since the Highlander series. Love, love, love!

Love KMM. Read and re-read all of her books. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the next book.

I ADORE KMM and the amazing world she has built in her books. Each one is a mini-masterpiece. The only downside is waiting a year between each release, but every year my expectations for the new book are just blown away. Karen really is a master at her craft!

I am listening to this book right now and it is so fabulous. I love it.

“smart, funny, strongly opinionated, vocal."
Yes, that would be us, LOL. Only because we enjoyed the books so.

Love this, loved the book and can´t wait for the next one - Need more Dani! =)

best wishes, Linda

Thank you for not selling out to the masses and continuing to write sexy gritty novels that are page turners.

We love you, too, Karen! (And I also love the iPod scene, particularly Lor!)

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