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YA Wednesday: Reaching out to Ally Condie

Reached Utah has great skiing, a fascinating history, and an abundance of marquee YA authors including Stephenie Meyer, James Dashner, Shannon Hale, and Ally Condie. 

Condie's amazing Matched trilogy wrapped up recently with Reached--one of our Best YA books of the year and also a customer favorite for 2012.  The series is smart and exciting, the romance feels authentic and each book adds another layer and voice.  In Reached we finally get to see inside the heads of all three members of the love triangle, and things really heat up.  Forget Peeta and Gale, the question these days is will Cassia choose Ky or Xander??

In this video interview, Condie talked to Amazon's Mari Malcolm about the inspiration for the series (I'll just say her husband provided the light bulb), the YA writers community in Utah, and what she reads while writing her own novels (love her taste in books!).

If you need a good book to start over the holidays and haven't read Reached or maybe are new to this series, Condie's world goes great with a warm living room, a comfy couch, and a few hours to lose yourself.


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