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Former AIG Chairman Hank Greenberg on "The AIG Story"


Our friends over at Amazon's Money & Markets blog have posted an essay co-written by Hank Greenberg and Lawrence A. Cunningham. Greenberg is the former Chairman and CEO of the multinational insurance corporation American International Group, commonly known as AIG, and Cunningham is the Henry St. George Tucker III Research Professor at George Washington University Law School and Director of GW's Center for Law, Economics and Finance (C-LEAF) in New York. Their new book The AIG Story, which they describe as "a business thriller," goes on sale on January 29th.

You can go straight to the essay here.


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The book is written by Lawrence Cunningham, a distinguished professor at George Washington University and, judging by materials that had appeared on amazon, has extensive footnotes and documentary references. You should be careful about what you say.

Mr. Buck, life is too short to read puff pieces written as part of a publicity campaign. Greenberg is suing the government and can't be expected to give an even handed, factual representation when his financial future depends on his spinning a legal case.
The story of AIG will be an interesting read when it has been written by a true business historian like Ron Chermow, David Nasaw, Michael Lewis or James B Stewart (though he has already used the perfect title -- Den of Thieves.)

Chad turner: Shouldn't you read the book before drawing these conclusions?

Maurice Greenberg is too busy suing the US government, claiming the AIG bailout,the largest in history, in which the US taxpayers saved his company from bankruptcy, was made on unfavorable terms! He wants billions, now that AIG is functioning again.
So the idea that this greedy millionaire sat down and wrote a book is laughable. This is a vanity project, only notable because of Greenberg's notoriety.
Read this column from the New Yorker for an appropriate view of Greenberg and AIG:

Is this a vanity press book?

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