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Be the Super Bowl Party MVP

Attention sports fans. As you know, Super Bowl Sunday is Feb. 3. Whether you're throwing a party or just attending one, you know there is only one competition that comes close to the one that will be on the screen. No, it's not who can eat the most hot wings in 2 minutes or who wins rock-scissors-paper for the inevitable half-time beer run. It's who has managed to cram the most otherwise meaningless information into their noggin. Of course!

You can never know too much obscure trivia in situations like these. And we've got you covered with a few handy books guaranteed to help you hold your own in stat-rattling conversations.

 Self-described as "the ultimate reference to the ultimate game," The Ultimate Super Bowl Book: A Complete Reference to the Stats, Stars, and Stories Behind Football's Biggest Game -- and Why the Best Team Won leaves little room to misinterpret its content. Explore the games themselves with analysis and play-by-plays and learn about the star players and coaches for each Super Bowl.



 Who currently holds what record? Who broke which record when? Study up on NFL records and stats with NFL Record & Fact Book 2012: The Official National Football League Record and Fact Book. Updated annually, it's considered essential reading for die-hard football fans.




 You'll blow your fellow fans' minds when you're able to offer insights that cross-reference baseball, basketball and more. Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won is co-written by a behavioral economist and a Sports Illustrated writer. You'll have your (forgive the off-sport pun) bases covered with this one.


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