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Looking Forward to the End of Winter... and Big Spring Books


This is my second winter in Seattle and I am looking forward to spring even more this year than I was last year. The funny thing is that Seattle doesn’t suffer through the kind of winters that other parts of the country endure. Nothing like the cold and snow that I knew so well in New York, for example. Seattle winters are gray. And rainy. That’s great reading weather, and not bad if you’re a duck or a sea otter, but otherwise it's slightly depressing. I inserted slightly into that last sentence just to make myself feel better.

So in these last drippy days of winter, it’s been a pleasure to get together with my fellow Amazon editors to pick our Big Spring Books lists. If you’re looking forward to spring half as much as we are, you might be interested in taking a look. If you yourself need some cheering up, check out our Humor & Entertainment picks. There’s also some great literature and fiction, as well as blockbusters, mysteries, thrillers & suspense, and of course our Editors' Top 10 picks.

Go here to see what else the spring holds in books. Happy reading, and here’s to seeing the sun again!


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