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Meet the Surreal Seuss and Enter the Cat Behind the Hat Sweepstakes


According to Entertainment Weekly, “There’s the Dr. Seuss we all know--the one who counts fish and extols the virtues of unlikely breakfast items--but there was also a lot more to the man who penned the children’s books we grew up on.”

For sixty years, Dr. Seuss spent his nights working on a series of surrealist artworks, which he called his “Midnight Paintings.” These paintings allowed him to go beyond the boundaries of commercial influences and deadlines, but during his lifetime he kept them under wraps, fiercely protecting them from the public eye. Yet he always intended to show them after he was gone, and The Cat Behind the Hat: The Collector’s Edition is a peek behind the public persona into the weird and wonderful world of these Midnight Paintings.

Through March 31, you can visit and vote for your favorite Midnight Painting for your chance to win a framed limited edition Dr. Seuss canvas artwork, valued at $2,500--or one of five copies of The Cat Behind the Hat: The Collector’s Edition, valued at $300.

The two competitors are “Incidental Music for a New Year’s Eve Party” and “Raising Money for the Arts.” “Incidental Music…” was originally published as a black and white center-spread in Judge Magazine in 1932, while “Raising Money for the Arts” was included in a charity auction benefiting the La Jolla Art Center, and was the one and only time Ted offered one of his Midnight Paintings for sale.

Which one is your favorite?


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My struggle is to forget the horrifying modern live-action versions of The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Crapping on Dr. Seuss is just not OK.

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