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Sara Says: A Poetic Happy Birthday to Philip Roth

A Birthday Poem for a Favorite Writer

Whose books these are I think I know.
He says he's quitting writing though.
Goodbye, Columbus, Portnoy, Swede.
He’s leaving Houghton Mifflin low.

The guy who gave us much to read
From writing pressure must be freed.
But Letting Go at eighty now,
May be our loss, but it's his need.

So, Philip Roth, please take a bow
For eight great decades,  Oh, and how!
Sex, Pastorals and Lindbergh, too
Of course your Newark should be proud.

So here's our wish. It's nothing new.
It's sappy and it's also true
More great life and lit for you
More great life and lit for you.


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Phillip Roth rocks! Nice poem :)

Love both Roth and Frost. Appreciated the mash-up.

I Married a Communist was great. Happy Birthday Mr. Roth

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