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The Wisdom of "Geek Parenting"

Authors Stephen H. Segal and Valya Dudycz Lupescu talk about their new book, Geek Parenting, and the surprises they found as they surveyed the rich geek pop culture of books, comics, films, and television in order to find lessons for parents.

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Katie Ruggle-2

"There's Just You and the Bad Guy" - Katie Ruggle on Her New Romantic Suspense Novel

Katie Ruggle talks to us about ice rescues, living off the grid, the opportunities for terror in remote locations, and her new romance, Hold Your Breath.

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Anthony Bourdain: How to Be Gorgeous, Self-Indulgent, and Off the Wall

Anthony Bourdain's badass new cookbook, Tokyo, and fried chicken sandwiches...

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Cops and Robbers and Architects: A Burglar's Guide to the City

What compels a burglar to burgle? Geoff Manaugh 's A Burglar's Guide to the City--an Amazon Best Book of April--examines the relationship between crime and architecture from the perspective of the bad guys.

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Catherine Bybee's Doing It Over

Talking with Catherine Bybee about Her New Romance Series

Catherine Bybee talks with us about launching her new romance series, why small-town settings are so appealing, and the proper way to TP a house.

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"A Spectacular, Vulgar American God"

Jeff Vasishta talks to Daredevils author Shawn Vestal about the challenges and joys of turning legendary motorcycle-jumper and rocketman Evel Knievel into a fictional character.

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"Getting the Rest of the Stuff Right": Steve Case on "The Third Wave"

The America Online co-founder talks about the past, present, and future of the Internet, as well as his new book, The Third Wave.

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The Old Boys’ Club: Publishing, the 50s, and the "Three-Martini Lunch"

Author Suzanne Rindell talks about her new novel of the Mad Men era of the publishing business, when things happened “lickety split” and people looked “sharp,” but more serious issues--race and honor and character--loomed behind the scenes.

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Matthew Desmond-cropped

Matthew Desmond and the Truths Behind “Evicted”

Matthew Desmond pulled back the curtain on the devastation wrought on poor families in his thoughtful, clear-eyed book, Evicted. Now Desmond answers our questions about the people he met, the heartbreaking moments he encountered, and how to solve one of America’s most troubling problems.

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Harlan Coben on "Fool Me Once"

Best-selling thriller writer Harlan Coben answers questions about his greatest influences, the challenges of sustaining success, and his new book, Fool Me Once.

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