Best of the Year

High Exposure: Brendan Leonard on "Sixty Meters to Anywhere"

Brendan Leonard answers a few questions about his arresting new memoir of drinking, quitting, climbing, and the lure of stepping to "the very edge of catastrophe."

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Are You Not Entertained?

A few of our selections for the Best of the Year So Far in Humor & Entertainment, including the ultimate behind-the-scenes guide to the musical that even people who hate musicals want to see.

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Best Cookbooks of 2016 So Far

Whether you are eating vegan, want to bake something spectacular, or looking to try something out of your comfort zone, here are our favorite 20 cookbooks of the first half of the year.

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Best Books of the Year So Far: Nonfiction

A look at a few of our favorites from the first half of 2016, including an economist's guide to the drug trade, a blow-by-blow account of an exploding mountain, and a world-wide search for hotbeds of genius.

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The Longest Night

Best Books of the Year So Far: Literature and Fiction

Featuring authors you're probably familiar with, and impressive debuts, too...

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Best Books of the Year So Far: Biographies and Memoirs

in looking for the best books of (every) month, we read as much as we can. But let's face it: every month there is a mountain of new titles, and sometimes we overlook something deserving. That's what happened with Matti Friedman's Pumpkinflowers: A Soldier's Story, published in May. I might...

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Hot Dog Taste Test

Graphic Novel Friday: Hot Dog Taste Test

Hot Dog Taste Test by Lisa Hanawalt is a book to take home, understanding that everyone will read it before you and laugh at all the funny parts, teasing, “O.K., but you have to look at this page for one sec.” Hanawalt is an award-winning illustrator and writer--she won the...

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Best of the Year So Far

Best of the Year...So Far

Who doesn’t love early summer? The warm days, the cool breezes – the promise of lots of time off to read? (OK, so we’re book geeks. But you knew that.) That’s one of the reasons we pick books at the half-year mark and declare them the Best of the Year...

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A Book Trend That We've Noticed

Books trends seem to pop up all the time. They often follow what's happening in the broader world: For instance, right now there's a mini-trend going on for Alexander Hamilton-related books. Also, for the next few months, you can count on a healthy supply of books to tell you what...

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Why Are These Two Novels So Popular?

If you look at the Amazon books bestsellers list, you’ll notice that there’s very little adult fiction on it. What you will see is lots of coloring books and children’s and Young Adult books. That’s the moment we live in: we are in a coloring and children’s and YA books...

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