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"The Water Knife" - An Interview with Author Paolo Bacigalupi

A few years ago, Paolo Bacigalupi wrote The Windup Girl, a book that combined great characterization and action with deep thoughts about our future. It's a rare talent who can perform such a feat, and a few of us were eagerly anticipating Bacigalupi's newest novel The Water Knife, which was published just a couple of weeks ago.

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Do You Know What You’re Talking About? Thoughts on Readers Versus “Readers”

The upcoming release on June 18 of E. L. James’ novel Grey has made me think about the state of reading recently. And I can guarantee you that I’m not thinking what you think I’m thinking.

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The Sunlit Night

Rebecca Dinerstein on Her Darkly Comic Debut, "The Sunlit Night"

Rebecca Dinerstein’s The Sunlit Night is a darkly comic love story about two New Yorkers who take very different routes for very different reasons and end up united by the beautiful, barren Norwegian landscape to which they were hoping to escape...

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City on Fire

Sara Says...My Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2015

It’s the week after Memorial Day, and as any publishing-business-follower and most readers know, that can only mean one thing: Time for the Book Expo...

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Sara Says: I’m Binging on "Dietland"

My New Favorite Book of the Moment is this wonderful, oddball, sly-if-not-downright-subversive novel called Dietland...

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War of the Encyclopaedists

The Kids AREN’T All Right: Phil Klay Talks With the Authors of "War of the Encyclopaedists"

A poet and a soldier collaborate on an exciting debut novel called War of the Encyclopaedists, a story that takes us into the lives of a group of millennials who find themselves in Seattle hipsterville and also in Baghdad...

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The Blessings

Sara Says...Five Favorites, Now in Paperback

Call me un-PC. I don’t usually count – and often don’t even notice – the gender of the authors of the books I love. (NB: I say this with all due respect to those who not only notice, but have chronicled the gender discrepancy in bestselling books.) Still, as I was unpacking boxes this week, I made the following discovery: at least five of the new or about-to-be-released paperbacks I received are...

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Happy Mother's Day from Abe Books

If you’re a book lover, it’s very likely you have your parents to thank for it. Those early years spent on Mom’s lap, reading the same book over….and over…..and over set the stage for many of us to be the rapt and insatiable readers we remain today.

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Talking to Christian Kiefer, Author of "The Animals"

Read on to see what author Christian Kiefer had to say about writing his book and writing in general. It's pretty illuminating....

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A Guest Review of Nicole Haroutunian's "Speed Dreaming"

Julia Fierro's Cutting Teeth was one of the most anticipated novels of 2014. Here she turns her eye toward Nicole Haroutunian's Speed Dreaming, a debut story collection that "captures the zeitgeist of today’s young women, who, despite their education and privilege and ambition, struggle to make a life for themselves in the gloomy economic climate."

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