Celebrity Picks: Tana French's Favorite Reads of 2016

TanaFrench_By_KathrinBaumbachTana French is a big favorite among the editors at Amazon, so we were especially excited to see what she would pick. She did not disappoint. French goes back to the nineties, the eighties, and even to the thirties for her picks. Interestingly, none of the books she listed is a crime thriller.

Tana French's latest book is The Trespasser, which follows detectives Steve Moran and Antoinette Conway as they now become partners on the Murder Squad. See her picks below, and look here for more celebrity favorites. Or you can learn more about the Amazon Books Editors' picks for the Best Books of the Year.


 Celebrity Picks: Tana French's Favorite Reads of 2016


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The Playmaker by Thomas Keneally

It’s the story of a play put on in 1789 by the first bunch of English convicts transported to Australia, and the effect that play has on them. The book is a passionate call to understand that the arts aren’t a trivial luxury, or a pretentious elitist indulgence, or a sinister corrupter of moral fibre; they’re an essential, and they need to be accessible to everyone. They’re one of the crucial things that help us make sense of our own emotions and experiences, bring us to the empathy and sense of connection that mean we can treat one another with respect and kindness, give us the vision and sense of possibility to transform our lives, and raise us into a cohesive society.

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The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

An old woman from India runs a spice shop in California, but she and her shop are a lot more than they seem to be: Tilo is actually young, furiously wilful and a mistress of spices, working with their wonderful and dangerous powers to help her customers – until she starts to become too involved with their lives, and to rebel against the boundaries and sacrifices that her vocation demands. It’s a beautiful book about the power of our passions, the sacrifices we’ll gladly make to achieve our hearts’ desires – and how unexpectedly those desires can change, as our hearts reveal more of their secrets to us.

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National Velvet by Enid Bagnold

People miss out on this one because they assume it’s a children’s book. Shy fourteen-year-old Velvet knows her contrary piebald horse is something special, and she’s determined to give him his chance to shine. It’s a book about how deeply mysterious we human beings are, not only to the people we’re closest to, but even to ourselves; about how much is waiting inside us for its moment, and about the breathtaking wonder of seizing that moment when it comes; about the glory of ordinary things, as well as extraordinary ones.
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