Chris Schluep
Chris Schluep
Chris spent more than a dozen years editing books in New York before moving west. He reads all the time, but there are certainly worse ways to make a living. Chris lives in Seattle with his wife, his two sons, and a cat named Little. Aside from reading, he enjoys fishing, writing, and cooking.

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Loitering: A Conversation with Essayist and Author Charles D'Ambrosio

"Any real essayist knows that certainty is an editorial decision, arrived at, not through conviction, but through suppression, the denial of a whole range of possibilities, of alternatives that we jettison, sometimes necessarily, in order to steady the ship." - Charles D'Ambrosio

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A Books Post for Groundhog Day

In honor of Groundhog Day, here's a list of books that the Amazon editors are given to reading and re-reading--whether on purpose or, at least in one case, by mistake.

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What to Read if You Love (or Hate) "Making a Murderer"

Whichever side you fall on--he did it, or you're not so sure--"Making a Murderer" is riveting television. For those who'd like more, here are two lists of books to appeal to two different types of true crime connoisseurs...

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The Best Mysteries & Thrillers of January

Here's a sampling of some of our favorite Mysteries and Thrillers of January.

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The Best History Books of January

January was a great month for nonfiction. Here's a sampling of some of our favorites from this month.

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Reading the Oscar Nominations

As a book person, even I was surprised to realize how many of this year's Oscar-nominated movies and performances had their origins in books. Is it because all the great original script writers are writing for television now? As people...

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Announcing the 2016 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees

The 2016 Philip K. Dick Award nominees were announced today.

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"The Nine Lives of Authors . . . and Other Things I’ve Learned from Research" by Lisa Gardner

We asked the best-selling author about her research, and she provided us with this exclusive essay:

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"The Project of Becoming" - Warren Zanes and Rick Moody Talk "Petty"

"The writing of biography is an intrusive art. You do it with respect, you do it with honesty—there's an ethics to consider—but there's no hiding the fact that you're making your way into someone's private spaces, sifting through the back of the desk drawers." - Warren Zanes on Petty

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The Best Business Books of 2015

When people think of business books, their minds often go to a narrow band of dry tomes read by boring men in gray suits. That's my fear, anyway. Business books are boring and so are the people who read them. End of story.

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The Best Mysteries, Thrillers & Suspense of 2015

Every year, the Mystery & Thriller category produces major blockbusters. This year is no different—in fact, the top-selling book of the year at Amazon was Paula Hawkins' The Girl on the Train, which headlined our 2015 Best Books in Mysteries

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