Daphne Durham
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Daphne Durham has been a bookworm since the age of three when she literally chewed up her first copy of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Rarely seen without a book, she reads while walking to work, at red lights, and before the movie starts. She’ll give any book a chance (the just-in-case book in her purse is as likely to be literary fiction as it is horror), but the sheer volume of must-try books often requires her to be an uncharacteristically ruthless reader.

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9 Hours with "The Lost Symbol"

I was lucky enough to spend my entire workday locked in an office with The Lost Symbol. Great fun, but I'm beat--500 pages in almost nine hours will do that to you. Let's get the first question everyone asks out of the way: Is it as good as The Da...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Sandman Slim"

Top 3 reasons to give my crush, Sandman Slim, by Richard Kadrey a try: 1. You are a fan of William Gibson. His quote on the cover was all I needed to get me to turn to page one: "The best B movie I've read in at least twenty years....

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Omni Daily Crush: "Alphabeasties"

In my last crush I fessed up to having a thing for dictionaries, so now I feel perfectly comfortable talking about my obsession with typefaces. In fact, I may use all future crushes to confess my secret reading tastes. Wouldn't that be an interesting spin on PostSecret? Reader confessions. What...

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Best Books of July: "The Defector"

I have never considered myself a spy novel reader. I’ve always been a fan of espionage on the big screen--hooked since the first time I heard the words “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die,” in fact--but I admit to being intimidated by spy novels. I imagined them as...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Pictorial Webster's"

I have a thing for illustrated dictionaries. It all started with the Macmillan Dictionary for Children. When I was a kid, I remember loving the heft of that book, the way it felt in my hands (paper over board with no dust jacket), and how the bright cover and title...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Johannes Cabal the Necromancer"

People often ask us how we decide what to read next. My answer is that I don't really decide--I just start reading. I don't commit to just one book (I often have several going at once), and I am not one of those readers who feel compelled to finish every...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Beautiful Creatures"

When friends and colleagues ask, "What should I read next?," my first response, invariably, is "What is the last book you loved?" It's an easy way to glean someone's reading taste, and is the main reason publishers love to make grand statements like "Her book is this year's "Eat, Pray,...

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Best Books of June: "Everything Matters!" and "The Strain"

Who knew that June could be such an ominous month? My two picks for our Best of the Month feature are about the end of days. So, the book for you, really depends on how you want to go out--by flaming comet, or bloodsucking virus. Everything Matters!, Ron Currie Jr.'s...

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BEA 2008: Scene and Heard

The thrills of this year’s star-studded BEA have taken their toll on our team (you know it’s been a rough week when even our most prolific blogger only manages a couple of posts), as has the absence of sunshine (why oh why do we live in this damp, dark city?)....

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Four Things I Learned on My Vacation

1. Stephen King was right about Meg Gardiner. The Dirty Secrets Club, featuring forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett (she performs “psychological autopsies” to determine if a victim’s death was natural, suicide, or homicide) is a smart and thrilling ride. Kudos to King and Dutton for bringing her to the US. 2....

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