Erin Kodicek
Sara Nelson
Before Erin was born, her mother worried that she’d be the only Kodicek to take pleasure in reading anything more substantial than a take-out menu. Erin has been happily hawking books for 15+ years. She enjoys literary fiction, narrative-driven nonfiction, and a well-written menu.

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"Offering Kindness in the Most Improbable Situations": Victor Lodato on "Edgar and Lucy"

Victor Lodato explains how the plot of this literary thriller developed, and his soft spot for certain characters, particularly the story's improbable hero...

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In this edition, LOTS of books about water to quench your reading thirst, Sheryl Sandberg helps get us through the tough times, and the star of the movie Precious has penned a memoir...

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"Pathological Enthusiasms": Robert Lowell and the Language of Madness

Kay Redfield Jamison examines the effect bipolar disorder had on one of America's most beloved poets...

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In this edition, wily WWII widows, double-muscle cows (Google this at your own peril), and separating actual facts from alternative ones...

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"I Wanted to Make Her Real": David Vann Reimagines Medea in "Bright Air Black"

The author of Aquarium offers a more complex and fascinating portrait of a typically one-note character from Greek mythology....

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Celebrity Picks: Greg Iles

Which book inspired the Natchez Burning trilogy? Greg Iles reveals this, and more favorites...

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Amazon's Best Books of March: Today's Releases

Our favorite debut, two terrific memoirs, and a novel for fans of "The Martian"...

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What the Amazon editors are reading this weekend...

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"Inciting the Reader to Create a Better World": Jami Attenberg on Books that Improve Empathy

Reading is revolutionary! Discover books that promote kindness, remind us of our humanity, and inspire us to be our best selves...

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Amazon's Best Books of March: Today's Releases

H.P. Lovecraft, the perils of technology, six methods for learning better, and more...

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