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Inspiration for Fall Decorating and Entertaining

Most people talk about “spring cleaning” but in my house, fall is when I get the urge to tackle a deep clean and move everything. I swap out the light and bright colors of summer for heavier blankets and darker...

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Amy Stewart's Cocktailian Tribute to Elizabeth Gilbert's "The Signature of All Things"

Amy Stewart's anecdotal guide to intoxicating plants, The Drunken Botanist, includes almost every family but moss, the lush creeper that's the object of Alma Whittaker's botanical affections in Elizabeth Gilbert's The Signature of All Things. But moss's mixological unsuitability didn't...

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Finding Cosmos in a Bed of Moss: Our Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert

If you know Elizabeth Gilbert from her Eat, Pray, Love reputation or her books about rough men, a birth-to-death novel about a Victorian-era woman who becomes a moss taxonimist--in spite of staying largely confined to her family's estate until she's...

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Omni Crush: "Lives of the Trees" by Diana Wells

I can't be certain, but it seems like Diana Wells was riffing on Lives of the Artists --that seminal work of art history by the Renaissance artist and critic, Giorgio Vasari-- when she cleverly named her new book, Lives of...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner Party"

Fact: I fantasize daily about dinner parties. While taming chaos in my garden this weekend, I mentally arranged bouquets, lit candles, and welcomed guests who devoured feasts and warmed the night with stories and drunken laughter, their faces lit by...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Succulent Container Gardens"

When my 5-year-old nephew came by my garden last summer, the otherworldly plants snaking out of my patio containers fascinated him. He wanted to feel them, but when I told him they were succulents, he drew his hand back fast...

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Omni Daily Crush: "McGee & Stuckey's The Bountiful Container"

This past weekend I decided to make a salad for dinner. So, I stepped outside, and picked a bowl full of sweet-as-sugar cherry tomatoes from two plastic pots on my terrace. I can't take all the credit for this moment...

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Omni Daily Crush: "The Big Orange Splot"

As a kid, I was blessed with a marvelous picture-book library (mostly due to the generosity of my children's librarian aunt). My best-loved volumes live on in my living room, where I enjoy sharing them with wee guests. But I...

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Omni Daily Crush: "The Jewel Box Garden"

In my very first Omnivoracious post (“Best Way to Make a Garden? Make a Garden Library”), I talked about how I'd populated my garden with plants I'd fallen in love with in books. Truthfully, it was more lust than love...

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Omni Daily Crush: "Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities"

I'm a plant geek, so I took a little vacation last week to Vancouver Island, where I spent three days at a gardening conference, immersed in spectacular slide shows (hortporn, as we plant geeks cheekily call it), taking diligent notes...

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