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"Joe Montana's Shoes" by Steve Young

Here is an excerpt from Young's autobiography QB: My Life Behind the Spiral that we enjoyed and wanted to share with our readers.

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Celebrity Picks: Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Reads of 2016

The author of our favorite cookbook this year reveals the books that resonated with him most...

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"Racism Was Much Harsher Than I Understood": Beth Macy on "Truevine"

The story behind the “Ambassadors from Mars”...

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The Red Web: A Hacker's History of Russia

If you hadn't noticed, "the cyber" has been in the news. In The Red Web, journalists Andrei Sodatov and Irina Borogan delve into the shadowy world of the Russian surveillance-state from the Soviet era to the present - and the online battles waged to erode its power.

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From Audible: Straight from the Author's Mouth

A selection of remarkable audiobook memoirs from a musician, an astronaut, a talk-show horse, and a comedian, narrated by the authors themselves.

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"Born Into a New Life Through Violence": Paulette Jiles on "News of the World"

The real-life story that inspired this National Book Award nominee...

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A Novel Born Out of Fear: Brit Bennett on "The Mothers"

The story behind one of the must-read debuts of the season...

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I Came, I Saw, I Voted: Elections, Roman-Style

If we think this presidential election is unprecedented, we might just not be looking back far enough. Historian Adrian Goldsworthy--author of Pax Romana, Caesar, and How Rome Fell compares this season's circus to the political antics of ancient Rome.

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Do You Want to Believe? Ben Mezrich Does.

What happens when a bestselling nonfiction writer turns his eyes skyward in search of visitors from another planet? Ben Mezrich discusses the people and places from his new book, The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America's UFO Highway.

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Stomaching Shakespeare with Margaret Atwood

The speculative fiction maven speculates on the eating habits of fictional characters...

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