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Lab Girl-Amazon Book Review

Annual Games with Hope Jahren

Hope Jahren's Lab Girl quickly become an in-house favorite around here and, as a result, was named Featured Debut for the month of April. The idea of a geobiologist's memoir may not initially jump out as the most invigorating read,...

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Rick Yancey haiku

Poetry Month: Original Poems from Rick Yancey, Joe Hill, and Angela Duckworth

We launched National Poetry Month on April 1 with poems from some of our favorite writers about their books or their love of books, but don't worry: The fun continues all month! Here are original poems written by Rick Yancey,...

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Author Jeff Hobbs on "The Long Shadow of Small Ghosts"

The author of one of 2015's best books shares his thoughts about reading a new work of nonfiction that he says," all to the good and might even leave you changed."

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The Difficulty of Writing a Difficult Woman

Terrible Virtue author Ellen Feldman discusses the pitfalls inherent in writing a novel centered on a divisive and challenging character, a project she abandoned three times over ten years.

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At the Existentialist Cafe

Existentialism: from the Club Tabou to the 21st Century

Existentialism. You probably haven't heard the term since reading Waiting for Godot in high school, and while its definition may seem murky, it's not just something literature majors are pondering over at Starbucks...

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“I Feel Like I Can Breathe Here"

Elizabeth Poliner talks about the influence on family and place in her novel As Close to Us as Breathing, our Spotlight Pick for the Best Books of March.

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Imagine an Arab City: Saleem Haddad on "Guapa"

Guapa, the debut novel from Saleem Haddad, catches you off guard. He does a masterful job of immersing you into the story and getting you to identify with a character who could quite simply be seen as "other"...

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Secrets of a Drug Smuggler

Tom Wainwright's book Narconomics is a fascinating look at the drug business as... a business. As we all know, getting goods from A to B is a critical step for any global corporation. But when your cargo is illegal, it's time to get creative. In this exclusive piece Wainwright shares five of the strangest ways people have tried to smuggle drugs.

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Finding the Past in the Present: Andromeda Romano-Lax on Writing "Behave"

(In)famous psychologist John Watson—the founder of the school of behaviorism--penned a popular parenting guide in 1928 that warned against the perils of…showing affection toward your children! Society is cruel, you see, so if you coddle your kids they will be...

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Guest Review: Jenny Offill on "Innocents and Others"

The oft praised author of Dept. of Speculation joins the chorus of praise for Dana Spiotta’s brainy but warm novel.

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