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Imagine an Arab City: Saleem Haddad on "Guapa"

Guapa, the debut novel from Saleem Haddad, catches you off guard. He does a masterful job of immersing you into the story and getting you to identify with a character who could quite simply be seen as "other"...

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Secrets of a Drug Smuggler

Tom Wainwright's book Narconomics is a fascinating look at the drug business as... a business. As we all know, getting goods from A to B is a critical step for any global corporation. But when your cargo is illegal, it's time to get creative. In this exclusive piece Wainwright shares five of the strangest ways people have tried to smuggle drugs.

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Finding the Past in the Present: Andromeda Romano-Lax on Writing "Behave"

(In)famous psychologist John Watson—the founder of the school of behaviorism--penned a popular parenting guide in 1928 that warned against the perils of…showing affection toward your children! Society is cruel, you see, so if you coddle your kids they will be...

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Guest Review: Jenny Offill on "Innocents and Others"

The oft praised author of Dept. of Speculation joins the chorus of praise for Dana Spiotta’s brainy but warm novel.

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The Girl in the Red Coat

"Twenty-First-Century Fairy Tale": Kate Hamer on "The Girl in the Red Coat"

It’s every parent’s nightmare: Beth, a single mother, takes her 8-year-old daughter, Carmel, to a local festival for some fun and frivolity and she vanishes. What follows is an unusual and terrifying journey for them both...

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The Arrangement

You Think You Know Somebody: On Writing From the Life of MFK Fisher

Long before there was a Martha Stewart or a Padma Lakshmi there were women who knew food AND knew how to write about it. One of the greats was MFK Fisher...

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Partners in Crime: Phillip Margolin and Anthony Franze on "The Advocate's Daughter"

Bestselling thriller author Phillip Margolin interviews another lawyer-turned-writer, Anthony Franze, about his new novel, The Advocate's Daughter.

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Bad News

Writing in a Dictatorship: Anjan Sundaram on "Bad News"

Weeks after finishing Bad News: Last Journalists in a Dictatorship, I remain captured by the paradoxes Anjan Sundaram puts forth, whether familiar or staggering (and there are both here)...

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The Geography of Genius

The Author of "The Geography of Genius" Talks About the Importance of Place

Eric Weiner’s first book, The Geography of Bliss, found him in search of the happiest places on Earth. Now, in The Geography of Genius, he endeavors to find out why certain places and times in history produced an inordinate number of geniuses...

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Grace of Kings

New Year, New Authors: Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors Recommend Talented New Writers

It's the time of year for pushing boundaries and embarking on new adventures. The Amazon Book Review asked Richard Kadrey, John Scalzi, Pierce Brown, and Kevin Hearne to suggest talented new writers who have grabbed their attention—and whose books you should try, too.

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