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Heidi Broadhead and Paul Hughes are in the second year of raising their first child, Silas, amidst piles of well-loved books. Silas is displaying early tendencies toward bookishness--pulling paperbacks out of the family's old-style library spinner, flipping through board books (usually upside-down), or pointing at Where the Wild Things Are and shouting "dot!." Heidi and Paul persist in their constant reading of novels, short stories, poetry, chapter books, graphic novels, plays, books about farming (Heidi), books about politics (Paul), online comics, blogs, blogs, and more blogs…(in fact, Heidi is set on demolishing the cliché that new parents don't have time to read. Don't blame it on the kid, man.)

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Kurt B. Reighley's New Americana

When I picked up United States of Americana: Backyard Chickens, Burlesque Beauties & Handmade Bitters, the recent field guide to the American Roots movement by a former contributing editor for No Depression and current KEXP DJ Kurt B. Reighley, of course I expected to learn about music. Who are the...

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The Necromancer: Who Else is Not Really Dead?

The Necromancer, book four in Michael Scott's "Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" series, is officially out this week. I want to say this is the best book yet, but of course, when you're into a series, you always think that the last one you read is the best. I've...

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Edith Grossman on Why Translation Matters

Edith Grossman is one of the most recognized translators of contemporary Latin American fiction into English; if you've read Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mayra Montero, Carlos Fuentes, Antonio Munoz Molina, or Mario Vargas Llosa over the past 10-15 years, you've probably seen her work. I am personally indebted to Grossman for...

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The YA Decade

No other genre (except maybe graphic novels) has grown and changed as much during the last decade as young adult fiction. Inspired by Harry Potter (and probably a little bit by Lemony Snicket and Artemis Fowl), a whole generation of voracious readers emerged, and a whole new group of writers...

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Against Eternal Provincialism: An Interview with Aleksandar Hemon

Bosnian novelist and MacArthur “Genius-Award” winner Aleksandar Hemon took on a modest project this year: bringing Europe to America. As the editor of the Best European Fiction 2010, his task was to give American readers a taste of what they are missing by not reading (mostly due to lack of...

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Jean No Vampires Beyond This Point

YA Wednesday: Forks!

No, I'm not in Forks, WA. Debbie Reese posted photos of Twilight locales Forks and La Push on her blog, American Indians in Children's Literature. Reese has been talking this week about how Quileute legend in real life doesn't quite match up with New Moon (they do both have wolves!),...

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YA Wednesday: Watching and Reading

This week, John Green sort of reviews New Moon... Quick links... Bookshelves of doom reports that issue 2 of TBRT (TBR Tallboy), a lo-fi journal of short YA fiction, has shipped. To order or see submissions guidelines go here. Two Sioux Falls, SD middle school libraries have restricted students' access...

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YA Wednesday: Done with Vampires?

Tonight at the National Book Awards ceremony, GalleyCat "prowled the red carpet" asking the nominees: What do you think of the Twilight books? Quick links... Phillip Hoose wins the National Book Award in the young readers category for Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice. Shona, a blogger, starts the Rory Gilmore...

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YA Wednesday: Fictional Teens... Transgress!

Last Friday, Cory Doctorow published an essay in Locus in response to questions he's received from concerned parents about sex and drinking in his YA novel, Little Brother. Doctorow (also the parent of a young daughter) presents a balanced, thoughtful perspective in what he calls his "Teen transgression in YA...

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YA Wednesday: New Moon and NaNoWriMo

Only 16 days left until the release of New Moon (the movie!). If you can't wait, you can act out scenes from the book, or make up your own, with the Bella Barbie (found via abebooks) and Jacob doll which you can carry around in your Edward backpack, so he's...

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