Graphic Novel Friday: Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers: Age of Ultron thunders into theaters today! Poised to be one of the biggest films of the year, Joss Whedon’s return to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will introduce the villain Ultron...

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Midnight Crossed

From the Desk of Charlaine Harris: How a Childhood Tradition Sparked Her New Series

Charlaine Harris reveals how she searched for the inspiration of her new series and where she ultimately—and unexpectedly—found it.

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From IndieReader: The List Where Indies Count

Ever wonder what the top-selling Indie books are? Here is The List Where Indies Count, compiled by IndieReader, and it's the only best seller list where self-published books are the only ones that matter. Titles are compiled on Sunday, culled from The New York Times, USA Today and Amazon best seller lists. We sense a genre trend.

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Mr. Mercedes

Best in Mysteries: The 2015 Edgar Award Winners

The Mystery Writers of America bestowed the much-coveted Edgar Award on the best mystery authors of the year. Sara Nelson was at the ceremony and calls out the highlights of the evening.

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Dangerous When Wet

Sara Says: Their Parents Might have Messed Them Up But We Loved Them Anyway

As the great man said, all unhappy families are not exactly alike – but neither are the thousands of books written about such families created equal (The same holds true for stories about families that aren’t exactly unhappy, but just, as they say, “have issues.”)...

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H Is for Hawk

"How I Flew to the Hawk to Escape a Searing Grief."--Helen Macdonald on "H Is for Hawk"

Boasting one of the best book jackets we've seen this year, Helen Macdonald's much lauded memoir, H Is for Hawk, describes the unusual way she grieved the loss of her father...

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5 'Hidden' Truths about Women’s Critical Roles in the War in Afghanistan by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

The author of Ashley's War outlines some hidden truths about women's role in Afghanistan.

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Oh, Baby!

If you thought Seth Casteel's Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies were cute (and they are!) take a look at these photos from his new book, Underwater Babies...

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They Had It Coming: Social Media and the Age of Shame

"We’re tearing people apart for lesser and lesser crimes. It’s robbing us of our empathy." So You've Been Publicly Shamed author Jon Ronson shares his thoughts on the book and social media's role in modern degradation.

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Take Two Now and Call the Drug Dealer in the Morning

The rumblings about the dangers of the prescription painkiller OxyContin are getting louder every day, and for good reason. In Dreamland Sam Quinones brings us the shocking true story of an opiate epidemic that starts at doctors' offices in our nations suburbs and heartlands and leads to a new breed of efficient and competitive heroin dealers. We asked the author a few questions piquing our curiosity about this crazy-but-true story...

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The Unleashing

Kiss & Tell: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: Why We Love Shape-Shifter Romances

We all have little bit of animal inside us. Some romance heroes and heroines, however, have a lot more.

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